Maintaining Authenticity: Uncurated Living in the Curated Life

Victoria ZeitzBlogger Workshop Topics, Friday

Everyone loves a beautiful Instagram feed and perfect photos on their blogs but that’s not necessarily real life. Here’s the thing—you can excel at building your audience and community without perfect pictures, and Aaronica will teach you how. This session is designed to help those who don’t lead a curated life to stand out in the sea of perfect photos.

From Hobby to Business: Creating a Profitable Blog

Victoria ZeitzBlogger Workshop Topics, Friday

Transforming your passion for blogging into a thriving career is not only possible but probable with the right tools and hard work. In this workshop, Carolina will teach you the basics to succeeding. You’ll learn which elements make a blog professional, how to grow your traffic and followers, what strategies you should implement from the beginning, and beyond.

Leveraging the Power of Pinterest to Increase your Blog Traffic

Victoria ZeitzBlogger Workshop Topics, Friday

Pinterest has the power to take your blog from hundreds of page views to thousands. In this workshop, traffic savvy blogger Carolina will teach you why Pinterest is a crucial companion to your blog’s success. You’ll walk away knowing how to effectively utilize Pinterest as a blogger, the essentials every pin needs, and which pinning strategies will successfully grow your … Read More

Mastering the Media Kit

Victoria ZeitzBlogger Workshop Topics, Friday

Have you ever wondered how to construct a media kit or pitch yourself to brands? This workshop will teach you the elements needed to create an authentic and effective media kit that stands out from the competition. Saarah will also coach you on how to effectively pitch yourself to brands in order to jumpstart a professional relationship.

SEO: Going Beyond Yoast’s Green Button

Victoria ZeitzBlogger Workshop Topics, Friday

With the rules of social media constantly changing, you need to ensure that your sites and content are insured against these changes with a strong SEO strategy. This session will focus on keyword search platforms, which data measurements you should look for, tips for creating cornerstone content, how to get noticed by Google, and much more.

Making the Connection: How Influencers Can Effectively Work with Brands

Victoria ZeitzBlogger Workshop Topics, Friday

You want to take your blog to the next level, but do you know how to forge meaningful relationships with brands? Julie, co-founder of Mabel’s Labels, shares her robust experience working with bloggers and influencers in this pivotal workshop. You’ll learn what brands are looking for in a partnership and how to build connections with the those you love and … Read More

C.A.M.P Blog Squad

Victoria ZeitzBlogger Workshop Topics, Friday

Who do you want in your blog squad? In this interactive workshop, Scherrie and Tomika will guide you on how to create community, not competition through creating your own blog squad. They will cover the importance of networking, attending conferences, sharing expertise and providing support to each other.

Finding Your Voice

Victoria ZeitzBlogger Panel Topics, Friday

In a crowded online space where everyone feels bigger and more experienced than you, how do you find your voice and rise above the doubt to make real progress? During this session, our expert panel will share their secrets to running a successful blog without getting bogged down by the numbers and self-doubt. You’ll learn definitive ways to shift your … Read More